Mothers Day Mini Sessions!

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Being a mother is so many things.  Exhausting.  Magical.  Overwhelming joy and occasional heartbreak.  And you do it every day.  Every night. This Mother’s Day I wanted to celebrate by offering an opportunity to have photos of just you and your babies.  Your baby can be a few weeks old.  Your baby can be 75.  We were so happy with the results of our test shoot that we wanted to bring it to you.  20 minutes of capturing love and relationships.

(ps. husbands, this is the perfect gift!)


How do I sign up?

Email me for available times and I will send you the invoice.  Scheduled time will only be held upon receipt of payment.  If giving this as a gift, you will receive a printable gift card via email before Mother’s Day!



What do I get for my $200:

– 20 minute session

–  Cortney of Fairwoods Floral is going to adorn you with flowers!  You will have flowers woven into your hair or a small bouquet.  Your children will wear a floral crown or boutineer. Price includes up to 2 children, $15 each additional child.  The flowers are yours to keep!!

– 1 8×10 print, 5 images printable up to 8×10, chosen by me, available to download from online gallery. More images may be available to purchase.



We have limited space available on Saturday May 30th between 3-5 pm. (If sessions fill up we will open another day)


How Many Kids?

The 20 minute session works well for up to 4 kids.  If you have more than 4, you’ll need to book multiple sessions.



We will be shooting at a home in El Dorado Hills, CA.  Address will be sent upon payment.


What should we wear?

I suggest keeping it simple, but stylish.  Crewcuts, Gap Kids, Zara, are good places to start for kids.  It’s best to have them wearing something that doesn’t bug them so they can be themselves.


Will you be doing this again?

I plan to make this a random pop up type thing with some variety, a few times a year!

luke turns 8 | edh, ca

30 min’s of the most handsome 8 year old in town.  We were so excited to launch Luke’s modeling career after seeing how these turned out and then he went and pulled out 2 of his front teeth…

Love documenting big decisions, important moments, and goofing around with kids while we shoot.  Ok, off to bed…head cold in the house and I’m downing emergen – c like it’s water.

petersons | el dorado hills, ca

I typically show up to shoots with a general plan of where I’m going to shoot, time it around pretty light, and then just see what happens when I take you apart from your family and stick you back together.  When it all happens…the laughing, hugging, taunting, dancing…that’s where I find my moments.

This family….oh man.  Good people, I’m telling you.  They were so willing to trek out in to the ‘forest’ with me and follow my lead.  And a special thanks to C for not minding when my kids woke you up from your nap as I checked out lighting in your empty house the day prior.  (only a gift for special clients)


k family | sacramento, ca

I always joked that when Cruz was born that he didn’t know any different than 2 little faces smiling and talking to him at all times from the time he first opened his eyes.  This sweet girl has experienced the same thing – she has two big sisters who absolutely adore her, and parents that are so happy that she has arrived.  I loved being invited to be a part of this.  The newness, the tiny features, and the love that is quiet but abounding.  Grandma was all hands on deck helping wherever needed, so I had her jump in for a few at the end.  Sometimes they are the hidden angels that support us moms at this exhausting time and give unending love to our babies.  I almost forgot K had a c-section because she was up for whatever and even went on a little walk outside – next time we’ll do more lying down shots!!  xo


thompson family | folsom, ca

This summer the Thompsons welcomed baby Bowie, so we gathered to capture their new family of 6! I love seeing the interactions of all your relationships and the joy that comes from happy parents and kids.  It’s not about perfection, it’s about knowing how deep the well of love is.

Oh man, what a way to wrap up November! Taking all these family photos, gathering with my own family and eating delicious food…and finally meeting up with Michelle super early this morning for some no kids shopping – a perfect start to the weekend.

Loved hanging with you guys – I love that you picture these photos on your walls before they’re even shot. You have no idea how happy that makes me.

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