gura family | agoura hills, ca

What an amazing job I have that allows me to ‘work’ with so many people I love.  I’ve known Alexia since kindergarten, along with her twin (who’s coming up next), and we did a mini shoot last weekend. Love eating and laughing with you guys – let’s do it again soon!

evans family | el dorado hills, ca


Because relationships are the heart of the home, I love to shoot there.  I will look for pretty light. We will toss all random items aside to make a clean slate. And I will gather your family together (possibly tighter than you’re used to!) to document what I see.

Baby Matthew is the latest addition to some of my dear friends, the Evans family.   Being the last, he was welcomed by so many excited faces.   Mimi told me that someone recently saw baby M and said that he had an old soul and was waiting for so long to come down to earth.  How amazing to think of our babies…why they were gifted to our families specifically.  What they are to learn from us, and us from them.   He was absolutely perfect and didn’t make a peep.   Apologies for the mass amount of baby kisses!


the explanation of it all


I haven’t blogged since Christmas.  It was just around then that the reality of 3 kids under 4 set in.  It was during the last 8 months that the symptoms of postpartum didn’t leave, and it was one month ago I finally got on medication for it.  It’s a difficult decision, to accept that you need more than the gym. More than help with the kids.  The home.  And acceptance that being angry at everyone you love and sad all the time isn’t working.  Medicine is helping is so many ways.  I honestly feel like my body hasn’t succumbed to deep sleep since Ronin was born.  5 years of that has taken it’s toll and now when I sleep, I’m out.  And so, my mind, my body, my soul…it’s finally recovering.  My relationships are healing, and I’m rising out of the dark.

I put the blog on an unintentional pause because I needed the time to focus on myself, but now I’m ready to get back to sharing with you, what I love through my images.  I just shot a new addition to a family and am posting it today.  I’m excited to be back!


these are mine | christmas 2013

These are the faces I live for. I am so blessed to look into your lives, and now I am sharing 20 min’s in a field of ours (because let’s not forget I have 3 kids under 4) .

This Christmas season, I am grateful for my family, friends, and clients (who quickly become my family/friends). It is you who support me in so many ways. But above all I am grateful for my Savior, for giving me my talents, my health, my family….all these things that help me grow and ground me.

Sorry for the zillion photos on this post, I honestly could have added more because they’re the best part of me. The lighting is harsh, but it was the only time everyone was awake and not (quite) so cranky.

Merry Christmas!!!



abelmanns | el dorado hills, ca

These are some of the many faces that help me survive as a mom and photographer.  We had a quick 15 min shoot for some Christmas photos and I got to squeeze in a few.  We celebrated Christmas last weekend together since this year will be spent with Jan’s family – our other half.

This is what it’s about.

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