these are mine | christmas 2013

These are the faces I live for. I am so blessed to look into your lives, and now I am sharing 20 min’s in a field of ours (because let’s not forget I have 3 kids under 4) .

This Christmas season, I am grateful for my family, friends, and clients (who quickly become my family/friends). It is you who support me in so many ways. But above all I am grateful for my Savior, for giving me my talents, my health, my family….all these things that help me grow and ground me.

Sorry for the zillion photos on this post, I honestly could have added more because they’re the best part of me. The lighting is harsh, but it was the only time everyone was awake and not (quite) so cranky.

Merry Christmas!!!



abelmanns | el dorado hills, ca

These are some of the many faces that help me survive as a mom and photographer.  We had a quick 15 min shoot for some Christmas photos and I got to squeeze in a few.  We celebrated Christmas last weekend together since this year will be spent with Jan’s family – our other half.

This is what it’s about.

thompson family | folsom, ca

A 30 minute shoot hangout with some of my favorite people.  Love your faces, and your babies.

kernazitskas family | el dorado hills, ca

We spent a ton of time with these guys in our neighbors pool this summer, where Kati taught Ronin to swim.  He loves them so much he asked to be my ‘assistant’ which really means, ‘Can i come watch you and poke around in the woods?’

They live in a lovely house up the hill from us and it was the perfect backdrop to document their family.  Their property backs to the greenback, which means we only have to walk a few steps to be among these trees. We hopped around, and played with Mallory who as you can see is a total ham. I wanted to get a shot of them around their firepit because David created that this past summer, and more recently made the chairs and bench!  They are going to have so many awesome family memories around that bonfire.

I ended the shoot with just Kati and David, so the girls could warm up with Ronin inside.  This was the best part for me.   What? We’re going to shoot individuals?  Wait, when we kiss should our eyes be open or closed?  Because mine were open!


st john family | pacific palisades, ca

Moving away from Los Angeles has meant that I see some families a lot less often than I would like. My best friend came along with me for this shoot to snuggle Cruz, who slept despite our laughter. We promise the kids it’ll be short and sweet. We are silly, we catch up and end up with these.

Lisa and I always end up talking about cooking…we both love food and know how crazy it is with kids so we share our latest successful recipes and secrets. I love that. My latest secret? A Traeger. Hers? Cooks Illustrated and the perfect way to cook a steak – hint: oven first, then pan!


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