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holiday wishlist

these are some of the things on my wishlist this year, in case anyone is looking for ideas for your own friends/family. i’ll post my list, and then jan’s in case you want some guy ideas. 1. a tea kettle (w/my discount)2. stockings with this style of design,3. slippers (i know i live in LA, […]

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bodies as art

i am always facinated with creative photography collaborations. the site i found these on says,”Art director Willi Dorner and Photographer Lisa Rastl have collaborated on a project combining humans in odd formations and unusual locations. ‘Bodies in Urban Spaces’ sets out to explore the “relationship between body, space and architecture”. The urban based series was […]

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little k

i love my nephew. his laugh is infectious. he ate his first lime, and kept eating! he tried on women’s shoes and looked adorable hobbling around macys. he loves to honk your nose and show you his tongue. i’ll post a few other pics from my big camera later this week – we didn’t have […]

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Someone dropped a loaf of this bread off at our office. It’s Italian christmas bread, sprinkled with powdered sugar. A sweet egg type bread. Delicious. Ours has chestnuts (i picked them out) and raisins, but my favorite is just simple and plain. It’s great toasted with a little butter, and amazing as french toast. It […]

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if anyone of you ever has to have this, i can now emphathise. with a lot of silent prayer, i survived it. twice, because the tube broke 80% of the way into the procedure. but, my uterus is golden. and i’m practically wearing a diaper. is that too much info for blogging?

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